Sunday, May 15, 2011

Duckies on a Sunday Afternoon

Meet Joe and Dorris:

It's becoming a Sunday afternoon tradition in our home that we get out the duckies and have all sorts of ducky adventures. Of all the ducks and other creatures, the two that FC2 loves the most and insists on playing with every time are Joe and Dorris. FC2 named them himself. Joe and Dorris have all kinds of adventures with pirates, sports heros, Santa and his reindeer, and the Easter Bunny Duck. I just can't help wondering why he's so drawn to those particular ducks?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

FC1's 5th Birthday

FC1's 5th birthday was this weekend. To celebrate we took the boys to a fun zone, where he could drive his own race car. He's told us he wants to be a race car driver for a while now, and he had a blast. Again, it's strange to post pictures of a birthday, without the birthday boy, but we do what we have to in Foster Care.

Clint driving FC1 around the big track.FC1 driving his racecar
FC2's favorite ride was this space shuttle ride. He got to control the up and down motions with a little level.
This little 2yr old has no fear!
Our friend Morgan made FC1 this fabulous castle/dragon birthday cake. It was an icecream cake! So delicious and FC1 LOVED it!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wonder Pets and Tree Stars

Fear of vegetables? Not in our house. Thanks to the following shows:

Who are the Wonder Pets, you might ask? Well apparently these cute little creatures fly around the world saving animals using teamwork, and at the end of their adventure they all get celery for their treat.
Now the boys love celery!!
The Land Before Time is FC1's current favorite movie. He'd watch it over and over all day if we'd let him. They are in search of "Tree Stars" or "Green Food"
Imagine my surprise when I made a spinach salad (I was worried I'd have to drench it in ranch to get the boys to eat any), but FC1 announced, "Look Mom! Tree Stars!!!" And then they kept asking for more!!!
Thank you kid shows for helping me get my kids to eat their veggies :)