Sunday, May 9, 2010

FC's Party

Again, difficult to post pics of a party, where you can show pics of the guest of honor : ) We through a party for our FC. It was Car/Truck/Train themed. We do a website for a company called Family Fun Party, and we traded out work on their website for a jump house for the party. The kids had a blast!!!!Our friend Morgan made the cake. It turned out ADORABLE!!! The trucks in the construction zone were the candles!
Playing in the jump house.
Josh made animal balloons for the kids.
The Monster Truck jump house.

The night before the party our friends the Scaddens came over to help us get ready. We were blowing up balloons, and Clint and Josh decided to have me hold a fluorescent light bulb in my hands, while they rubbed my head with balloons. NOT KIDDING THE LIGHT BULB LIT UP!!!! It was the craziest thing ever!!! Like my hair-do?