Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hicken Family Christmas

Clint and I ended up having 4 Christmas Dinners. This Hicken family dinner is the fourth. You might be asking, who took the picture? Through the miracle of Photoshop we are all in this pic. Can you tell who was added in?

Our cousin Tish was there as well. She is from South Africa. She has been in Washington working as a nanny. She is on her way back home and came to visit our family. We love you Tish!

Last Vacation Post

We are very sad that our vacation came to an end. We had so much fun spending time with all our family. We miss them like crazy!! It was a wonderful vacation. We had a lot of time to step back and think about where we are going and what we want for our future. We look forward to many great adventures ahead.

At the Denisons

On the way to the airport Elsje drove us by the Washington DC temple. Very beautiful!

It was so hard to say goodbye. Thank you Denisons for taking care of us! We miss you!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Day in Washington DC

After spending some time with Clint's family, we drove up the cost to Maryland where my sister Elsje and her family are living. They live about around an hour outside of Washington DC. We decided to spend a day there. One day is not enough to see all of the DC, but here are some of the highlights of our day. (This pic is taken in front of the WWII Memorial & the Lincoln Memorial is in the background)
My sister, Brittany, that goes to school in Manhattan came down as well. This is me with my sisters. (LtoR: Brittany, Heidi, Elsje)
Lincoln's statue.I took this candid pic of Clint. It's one of my favorites.

We got to go inside the Washington Monument and up an elevator to the top. The two little dots at the top (where the triangle piece meets the block part) are the windows where we took the next few pics.

The White House.The Capital Building.
This is part of the WWII Memorial.

Clint looking at the wall of names at the Vietnam Memorial.
Clint made friends with another creature. This squirrel was particularly friendly. Clint even touched him, yikes!

Clint's hand near the squirrel.
I posted this pic for Elsje. This squirrel had found his own private plate for his food in this tree.

We went to the Smithsonian and got to see Dorothy's (Judy Garland) ruby slippers from the Wizard of OZ. Another thing we loved was the flag the Star-Spangled Banner was written about. They wouldn't let us take pics though.

Thank you Denison family for showing us around! It was an awesome day!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mars Hill, NC

Clint and I went for a walk at sunset around his parents farm. It was the first time I had been past their barn. I can see why their family loves their land. It is very beautiful.

The barn with the sheep and goats off to the left.

This is Poppy the llama. I will always think of the Emperors New Grove and the phrase "Llama face!" when I see Poppy.

The barn after sunset.