Sunday, August 29, 2010

Water Skiing Grandpa

My aunt took my Grandpa water-skiing. He's 92!!!! He went the year he turned 90 and was in the local paper. I wonder how many more years he'll keep going? Love you Grandpa!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our New Foster Son

Wednesday Morning we got a call from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, asking us if we'd like to take in another little boy. We're registered for two foster children, but up till now we've just had one. We took about ten minutes to decided, and called back with a yes. By noon we had our newest little FC2!!

Our newest FC2 is 2yrs old, and brings a whole new set of joys and challenges. He has already been such a blessing to have. The boys love to play together and for the most part get a long really well. Since FC2 is younger, it's been amazing to me how quickly we've bonded to him. He's so curious about the world, and asks over and over "wha dis?" He's also a little daredevil!! We have to watch him very closely, as he's constantly leaping off of things! He's adventurous and sweet!

FC1 love's having someone to play with!! He hasn't had a problem sharing any of his things, but has been extra eager to get more attention from us.

We love them both and will cherish their time with us. What a blessing Foster Care has been!!!